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Monday, January 7, 2013

Sometimes I forget about the small things.

Life is slowly getting back to normal for me now that the end of the year is wrapped up with work.  I told you how on Christmas day I was one of the smart ones and spun off the road.  Well ever since that amazing day of near death experience I have been listening for anything to be wrong with my truck.  So far just the alignment is out and my front bumper is a little kinky on one side but not much.  The recently I have noticed my radio not picking up stations very well.  The simple thing I kept saying in my head is that with the switch to cold weather maybe the radio stations are switched to some sort of winter mode or something.  then one day as I was walking by my truck I noticed the blue ribbon on my truck from when the sheriff came by to check on my while I was in the ditch on Christmas day.  Once I was verified to be alive and OK, they tie a ribbon on your antennae to show the other passing officers that you have already been helped.  Well this stinking ribbon is the reason for my radio not getting good reception and with my attitude of just leave things as they are did not realize how much a ribbon on your truck can affect your radio.  Once the ribbon was removed the radio was back in full high def AM talk radio.  How good it is.

1 comment:

  1. that's ridiculously crazy and totally awesome. The blue ribbon represents something innately strong. Health and safety.
    But... we all need the radio and how could a little thing like that mess up the radio? weird.