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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Biolite review

You all know that I am slightly obsessed with flashlights and lights in general.  If you don't then let me tell you that I am obsessed with having a flashlight to run with, a flashlight that is brighter than the sun, a flashlight in my truck that is easily used as a weapon, and a flashlight or area light for my tent.  My current tent light is approaching near death and when I replace the batteries there is always the fear of losing an eye because one of the springs isn't connected any longer and shoots out when the battery is pulled from it.  Technology has come a long way in the whole area light backpacking/camping world and I have had my eye on this thing called the powerlight by biolite inc.  It is an area light, a flashlight, and also has a USB thing to charge things.  Then the coolest part is that you can get these LED attaching lights that connect to it and you can string them up in trees and make a outdoor party atmosphere (it does not come with a margarita mixer).  The next thing I knew was it went on sale, buy the whole system and get an extra two area lights and free shipping.  I was instantly sold and bought one.

It is hard to tell but this sucker is amazing!  The only thing that I should have done differently is turned off the main powerlight and just used the area lights.  Plus the guys didn't make fun of me (or at least to my face they didn't).  That is a huge win in my book.  Right now we are having fun with an ongoing joke about "North Face" people.  You know the types that have the rainbow North Face logo on everything they can get and drive a Subaru while eating gourmet hand fed granola and free range chocolate bars from third world countries and stuff.  So anyways we usually say something like: That is what those North Face people would do.  Then the other person goes into a shame explanation how it was on sale and bla bla, bla.  Good times with the comedy.  There are all sorts of new area lights coming out that probably do a better job and are cheaper but I just love the little things that biolite put into this system to give it that extra quality and care, like they use this stuff themselves and realize that a fabric cord is so much easier and softer to roll up or the magnets to stick it to things.  Small things matter in my life so this gets three syringes and a pricked finger for how awesome and good the powerlight and area lights work from biolite.

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