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Thursday, March 6, 2014


So I must apologize for being gone for a bit.  I had some computer issues plus my job had me tied up, but here I am and still diabetic as ever.  People say I am like an old man that has bad jokes, passes alot of gas, and complains alot.  They are probably right on all those points but those aren't all my downsides.  Living in the Dallas area is great for those of us that do not like much of a winter and summers that are blasting hot.  This year was much different though as all of you are probably familiar with the Siamese polar vortex winter bears or whatever that thing is.  All I know is winter was rough for me (yes that is a complaint not a fact).  The winter brings massive dry skin, sickness, and the dark.  I would say the winter is my reminder (I like our short one week winters the best in Dallas) that in late August when we are counting the days of 100 plus degree hot days that I need to enjoy how my tanned moist skin feels, how I haven't been sick in a long time, and how the days are light all the time.  You wake up with light, get off work in light, and heck even go to bed and the sun sometimes is still up.
Then this week my bulbs came up (it is still cold in this town) and reminded me that the end of the Siamese polar vortex winter bears is near.  The time change is around the corner and all the runners, cyclists, and dogs are gearing up to have some fun.  So the next time something brings you down like what a cold Siamese polar vortex winter bears does to me don't think about the downside to it all.  Think about how there is so much upside in the other three seasons.  I think that is like glass half full stuff but proper winter work brings excellent summer results as my fitness instructors tell me.  This year has been bad but that just gave me more reason to do more workouts and focus on how awesome I am going to be once I can stop wearing a huge yak haired coat and Eskimo mittens all the time.

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