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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It happened to me!

I have heard of this happening to other people but never did I think it would happen to me.  The dreaded tubing tear.  I was in my truck the other day and unbuckled my seat belt when in a thrust of me trying to get out to stand in line at Subway for some eat fresh dinner I heard my insulin pump hit the floor of the truck.  I looked down and was quite perplexed by this because I have a long tube (not that tube, my tubing from my site to my pump is like a 30 inch length or something) but not long enough for my pump to hit the floor.  I looked down and saw that the tubing had torn right out of the connection to the top of the thing-a-ma-bob.  You are all impressed with my technical lingo aren't you?
The good thing with modern science and stuff is that we have a way to combat issues like this.  Now when I get my pump supplies each part is individually wrapped like the infusion site, the tubing, and the cartridge.  So I did what my buddy Steve taught me over the summer to do, and that was not to waste my primed cartridge and pump site but to just replace the tubing and go along my merry way.  With that knowledge in hand I fixed my issue and was munching of a fresh sub in no time.  Now for the legal mumbo jumbo: do not ever do this, if you read a recommendation from my website that saves time, money, or anything do not do it because you can sue me if it does not cure your diabetes.  I am not a professional of any medical designation, heck I couldn't even pull off dressing like a wizard if I had too.  So this is for entertainment purposes only and the blog is intended to show you cool stuff I do because I don't sue people.

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