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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's always fun in the land of Diabetesville!

OK, before I go any further I wanted to put out a couple of warnings before you read this post.  There is a descent amount of unsightly diabetes nudity below and also alot of whining and complaining.  You have been warned and proceed with caution.
So I started having a bit of stiffness in my shoulder.  I had rotator cuff surgery about 11 years ago and there is always a little pain doing this or that but nothing I couldn't fake my way through.  Then I was trying to run about three weeks ago on a Saturday and the pain became unbearable and I had to end my run and the next day I sat on my couch not doing anything but trying to get my shoulder into a comfortable state, at this point I knew it was past time to see the ol doctor.  The doctor said the sack that surrounds my shoulder was inflamed and when I moved my arm it was pinching parts of the sack.  To add onto that he said I had some descent arthritis in the shoulder as well from my surgery.  He ordered me some prescription strength bengay and also a few sessions of physical therapy.

I started physical therapy that Friday and the ladies took one look at my shoulder and that I was a diabetic and told me I definitely had "frozen shoulder" as well.  They informed me that frozen shoulder happens in alot of diabetics and it just takes alot of working out the right muscles to get everything back to diabetes half falling apart shape.  Then once we did some exercises they ended my session with a "taping" of my shoulder.  I have seen lots of people wear this stuff but I have never understood what it did.  So you can see in the picture the last piece of tape I had on and what it does I guess is pull everything out so that nothing is pinching or something.  The taping worked really good and the physical therapy (I am in week three of four now) has done miracles for helping out.  I am just going to put this in the category of the daily life of living with diabetes.  Remember if we just don't eat sweets the disease is under control!

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