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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why do people do this to me?

 Recently I was behind this Honda Fit car and I noticed they put a couple of bumper stickers on the back that really stood out to me.  Now I never claim to be the smartest person in the room, and I am about as sharp as a box of wet hair but I do know my basics about life.  The bumper sticker on the right says " it's a chicken not a choice."  What in the world does that mean?  I remember a disturbing TV commercial from my childhood where a guy sitting in a chair with gym shorts on, no shirt, and puts on one sock then the commercial cuts away and a voice person says "saving a life is as easy as putting on a sock."  I saw this commercial all the time and finally asked my mother what it meant and she told me it was a reference to putting on a condom.  At that point I realized that my mind is stupidly curious about dumb stuff.  So my question to all of you is what in the hell does this bumper sticker mean and why did I take pictures of it?
Here is my son doing a little archery last Saturday.  This was part of a program where they are trying to promote archery in the school system.  I think it is like bring a bow an arrow instead of a gun to school kind of thing but I am not for sure.  He was a little upset with me at the beginning because I told him not to bring his bow because they provided everything.  I figured they would have state of the art equipment to get the kids into the sport but instead it was generic low poundage compound bows and if I would have at least had him bring his bow he could have used it once we saw the equipment they provided (leason learned for me).  In the end he had a blast and they did 3 rounds at 15 yards, 3 rounds at 10 yards, then had this cool thing where they had everyone shoot at a pile of boxes they set up about 80 yards away and did one of those brave heart shots with everyone shooting at the same time (just without the people being hit on the other side).  The only bad thing is that archery and bow hunting are worlds apart so if I invested 2,500 bucks into an archery bow, I still would have to get him a hunting bow.

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