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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tags and stuff

 I was driving home last night and came across this sweet Range Rover.  These Range Rovers are like 70 grand and then I notice their license plate and they have a personalized tag that if you can't read it in the picture of "PIPKIN."    Who in the world pays that much money for a car and puts a personalized license plate tag of pipkin?  The only thing I think of is when I read it is: kick me in the nuts because my license plate says pipkin.  Aren't personalized license plates like tattoos, where you get something that is close and personal to you?  Freakin pipkin, if I came across pipkin in a dark diabetic alley trust me they would be holding their nuts because a swift one would come their way.
 During my Saturday run my buddy Don was telling me about some of the T-shirts he designs and puts out on the inter-web.  One of them cracked me up so much I almost had to stop running because I was laughing so hard,  Gardening:  It's all about the ditches and the hoes.  How funny is that, I am so going to have to get one made from this inter-web page my friend puts these on.
 No matter what it is, or where it is, if it is something that is popular in this country it will eventually make it's way to Dallas.  We recently had the latest trend open a store here and that is the "Trader Joe's" healthy store thing.  While I was in San Diego in June the locals kept talking about Trader Joe's and since this new one opened up down from my work I thought I would take a walk down the isles.  I came across these "Teeny Tiny Yellow Potatoes" which I guess they are genetically modified in some sort of organic way that makes them safe for Joe's to sell them.
The question that kept popping in to my head was, what in the world do you do with these teeny tiny potatoes?  Do you make miniature baked potatoes, do you make miniature fries, do you make miniature potato salad, or miniature mashed potato's, or miniature scalloped potato's?  What do you do with these things?  They are the cutest thing in the world but I could not figure out what you do with them.

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