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Friday, July 29, 2011

Heat Wave

I love the heat!  I really do.  Just this heat has lasted a long time (27 consecutive days over 100 in Dallas) and now that at 7:00pm in Texas it is still 100 degrees makes it hard to accomplish anything.  Last weekend my wife, son, and I had a long weekend planned of hanging out at our land in east Texas.  I was planning on working on my trails and doing some fence work and my wife was planning on lots of art and painting while us boys were outdoors all day.  Look at this poor lizard above, he is skin and bones.  He would even let us play with him because of the heat.

That plan did not go so well because I decided to get a little allergy cold and my energy was way down.  So my son and I did alot of watching my wife paint, hanging out with the dogs, and playing lots of games on my phone.  We did get a little work done and my wife did take our son out to the back forty to teach him how to drive and taught him how not to hit the deer hiding in the trees for shade.  Look at poor Archie all lonesome looking.

This is the jaw bone of a hog.  The hog was whole about 2 weeks ago.  This thing was picked clean in no time.  So when my wife offered for us to head out to the land this week I said something that is rare for me to say.  I told her we should just stay home and work around the house this weekend.  Now that is a sad day when I turn down being out in the country to stay in the city and work around the house (when I say work around the house usually means me watching tv).  Just this heat has taken its toll on me and I can't fight it.  A typical 100 degrees day, it normally cools off at night to a good 75 degrees and when the 7:00pm hour hits you can go outdoors and get work done but, with this intense heat there is no break.

My friend Mike would tell me that I am just whinning and get over it and move on but, I am now looking forward to the fall.  The fall is not a bad time, it is great.  Kids go back to school, camping season starts up, and football is on tv.  Sometimes you just have to wait it out.  On tv I saw hurricane Don on its way and maybe the heat wave will be over and I can get back out and camp.

To recap: I am a whiner, it is hot, and diabetes sucks.  The moral of the post is when it is too hot, do what you can do and enjoy life.  Diabetes is all about knowing your limits and when not to tempt fate and this heat is an accident waiting to happen.

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