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Monday, June 6, 2011

Well it is summer time in Texas.  My wife and I went to our ranch in east texas where it was a solid 102 degrees.  I had picked up a new "wicking" shirt made by Field and Stream from Dicks sporting goods off of their clearance rack for around 5 dollars.

The above link is as close to the model I could find.  So I wore this shirt with my built in underwear boat shorts from Academy.  see below for the link:

I am a very routine person and changing materials on a diabetic is hard enough so I had my doubts about this shirt that weighs about half an ounce and feels like I am walking around topless.  Usually I wear golf type polos that have a mix of polly and cotton that have weight and feel of cotton with a small amount of wicking.  Also switching to a full button up shirt from a polo, and losing all the weight of a typical shirt took me a few hours to get used to. 

Pros for the Wicking half ounce shirt are: they are high in spf rating, lots of pockets and storage, and good ventalation.  The bad:  awkward fit, non-natural feel to them, and hang on you real heavy when they turn to a ball of sweat, and last they look really dorky and goofy with their pastel and dirt colors.  So on a diabetes scale of syringes I would give the pure wicking shirts a 3 out of 5 syringes.  I did run into a guy who referred to this type of material as: "chick-wick."  Kind of made me chuckle.

Wow, am I a dork.  As my wife would say but continuing with what to wear in the great outdoors in 100 degree heat.  I always keep a bandana around but last year I wore one on my head when I forgot my sunscreen on an orienteering competition.  Come to find out, it was real comfy and made my ability to get through the bush real easy and in the open I was protected from the sun.  I know this is the worst look on earth but, I am using half the sunscreen with no crispy ears and I feel in general 5 degrees cooler than wearing a gilligan style hat.  That in the background is what we refer to as "The Crack Shack" for its quality 1 bedroom cabin built to no standards.  If that aint country.

The red hat, yellow bandana, and my polly-cotton rangers polo is a new must for me when working the ranch.  Ugly but I can work all day and into the late hours with a pair of lopers, chainsaw, and axe.  I can even run barb wire in half the time because I can move easily in the brush.

I have officially switched from winter omnipodding to my old school Animas IR1200.  My educator said since it is about 2 years out of waranty I need to upgrade but the security and familiarity works great combined with medtronics 23inch Quick-set.  I can sweat barrels with no worry of infection or site-sweat-off.  Do you like my nice Gerber suspension (I will blog about knives later) and my sweet Slippery Falls scout ranch belt I bought when I was 17.  Makes me feel young still able to fit into it.

Hard to see in the background is my beagle "MoMo" She is probably half hog the way she likes to waller in our lake.  Also notice how nice the water is in Lake Zaine.  A real good looking brownish-Red with a good amount of algae.  The horses, MoMo, and wild hogs don't seem to mind.

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  1. "they look really dorky and goofy with their pastel and dirt colors" says the man with a yellow bandanna tied around a red ball cap.