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Friday, June 17, 2011

picking blueberries

My wife and I while out on our land in east Texas last weekend took Sunday morning for a drive to pick blueberries.  Now for east Texas the mornings are in the 80's and it is hot.  When we showed up to the farm we walked in and talked to the people behind the counter on all the which ones to pick and how to pick and what to do and not to do.  They seemed real nice and said to just grab a bucket and head out to the fields and look for others and start to pick.

Here is a picture of the first bush I came too.  I was very curious and picked the first big blueberry I could find and it tasted out of this world.  So my wife was already down the row and I just sat there for a minute eating all the berries off of my first bush.  

I eventually made my way down and actually picked some berries to keep.  It is like you walk up to the first bush and you evaluate the size of berries, then you look at the color of the berries, and last you have to taste 5 or 6 to see if this is a sweet bush, or a sour bush, or a juicy bush.

I made it to my wife and she was driven to get our gallon of berries to the max.  Now this farms price was 10 bucks for 1 gallon.  That is worth it not just that these berries rock your world for taste and flavor but for 10 bucks for a gallon you could resale these by the pint for 6 bucks easily.

Overall this was a great experience to learn alot about blueberries and trying something very cheap and new.  I would recommend this to anyone and for a diabetic this was great exercise and the berries did not spike my sugars and if I felt a little low I would just stop for a minute and eat some berries to get the old sugars up.  I am sure the field workers just laugh at us out in the fields paying to pick the wrong berries or something.

The blackberries were at the end of their cycle currently so my wife and I just dropped by to taste and have a look see at them.  Not much of a fan of the blackberry and plus they spoil quickly.

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